Mint Lunches ... a mix of all my trades.

Hi, I am Katrin and I am the owner, chef and nutritionist at Mint Lunches. Thank you for visiting my site. I will share a bit of my story with you. First of all - I am german! You know what that means right? No need to explain now why my sense of humor is dry, why I take life very seriously, why I follow a strict routine and why efficiency is something I don't need to learn. Kidding! 


Mint Lunches has evolved from my life. My first apprenticeship with 17 was in a hotel where I learned very important stuff germans do like ,amongs other things, how to set a table, how to fold napkins, how to keep books, how NOT to speak to customers and how to chop vegetables the most efficient and waste free way. 


I came to New Zealand straight after my apprenticeship when I was 21, made an attempt to leave with 33, but came back 18 month later and have now given up on the thought of moving back. The things I like most about New Zealand are its bush, the empty beaches, the ocean, the supportive communities, the open mindedness and yes - of course the lifestyle. You wouldn't believe how much easier life feels over here.

My love for windsurfing has brought me to Taranaki and kept me here. You get a pretty epic view of the mountain looking back from the sea! 


Nutrition plays a huge role in my life. I was never a person that had a lot of energy naturally. I was struggling with fatigue and low moods for years! Some lucky people bounce out of bed and can't sit still all day, have huge amounts of motivation and drive and often are full of positivity. Well, like many others, that is something I really had to work for. I had to learn to eat the right foods, do exercise and listen to my body. The main thing is that I had the motivation to do so and now, at 37, I feel great. 


It took years for me to get it right, and years to get rid of my sweet tooth! For me the biggest difference was to eat way more protein, minimum processed carbohydrates (especially sweet treats), way more fresh vegetables and to start the day with a few cups of herbal tea and not a stimulant. After I had been vegetarian for most of my life I also needed iron supplements and B12 injections. What a difference it made!! What I didn't realise when I was young was that I , by being a vegetarian, I just filled myself up with carbohydrates. Bad ones. Not much nutrition, just bursts of glucose for my poor body. No surprise I was always tired and  a little chubby. Everything became worse when I started being more stressed ....


Those were probably the reasons for me to study applied holistic nutrition (edisons institute of nutrition) and also to become a personal trainer. During my studies I was working as a chef in different cafes, which I really enjoyed, and it seems like MINT LUNCHES is a combination of all of my trades.


Getting older it amazes me how different people are, how we all need different things. There is no 'one size fits all'. There is nothing we can all do the same with the same outcome. Everyone needs different foods, different stimulation, different relaxation. Important is just that everyone figures it out and doesn't try to fit into someone elses shoes. This is obviously not easy , especially with all the social media around, it is hard not to compare yourself with others. But don't let that get to you. Know your way is how it suits you, your body and your mind. We are not all the same. And we don't all want the same things. 


I am looking forward to helping you look after yourself!


Thanks for reading!