Regain confidence in your eating


 Mint meals are made from real- or whole foods, nothing refined. By eating whole foods you get a lot more essential nutrients, protein and fibre. Eating foods that have been altered or stripped upset our biochemical balance as they are not designed for our bodies. They even rob your body from nutrients to metabolise those foods. All nutrients have specific functions in your body, they all catalize certain metabolic reactions like keys fit a certain lock. If you don't have the right keys for the locks your body can't function properly. 

It is also widely known now that refined carbohydrates, especially in combination with stress, can cause the metabolic syndrom, pre diabetes (developing a insulin resistancy due to too much sugar or refined carbs), diabetes type2, hormonal imbalances, high LDL cholesterol and obesity. 

Weight Loss

 To lose weight it is important to choose the right carbohydrates. Some carbohydrates are being broken down quicker than others which causes your blood sugar level to rise quickly. This is what you don't want as it will make you store energy as fat and you'll be craving sweet foods shortly after. Mint meals only contain carbohydrates that have a low - medium glycemic load, which means they are slow releasing carbohydrates. You will feel full for longer and have less cravings for coffee or sweets. The proteins and fats in the meals will also help to slow the release of glucose more and add to the nice slow burning fire. It's all about keeping the balance and keeping your insulin levels down. 


So many people these days suffer from fatigue. We can't just blame the food but it sure is a big part of it. Chronic stress, not enough rest and a poor diet will make you feel tired or even cause chronic fatigue and the brain fog that often comes with it. Often people run on adrenaline and don't notice but you'll burn out eventually. Now I am talking worst case scenario here because I want you to see how important it is, especially when you are stressed, to support your body with real food and the nutrients it needs to combat the stress. The problem with chronic or acute stress is that all you'll feel like is sugar and coffee. This is where you need to trick your greedy brain and eat something that saties you. Make better choices and stay away from refined carbohydrates and stimulants! Try and get an exercise routine going too to help you relax. Even if you are not stressed- you are calm and happy- whole foods will help you get through the day with less 'energy lows' because healthy meals won't give you blood sugar highs or lows and therefore a more steady supply of glucose to the brain for better concentration.

More tips for more benefits:

You are going to, or you already have made the decision to order Mint Lunches. This tells us that you want to look after yourself and you want to feel better every day. You want to create a better balance and live healthy. Maybe you are wanting to drop a few pounds.

Below are some tips for you to see best results:


  • If you do drink coffee or other stimulants you can try and stop it all together for best results . If that is not an option for you make sure you are limiting yourself to having them only with meals. 
  • Create your other meals by the MINT RULES too which means no refined carbohydrates, always a protein portion with your meal, lot's of greens and vegetables, good sources of healthy fats. 
  • If you want to lose weight try not to snack between meals and wait for about 5 hours between meals.
  • Exercise! It helps with insulin resistance, builds muscle mass for a better metabolic rate, keeps you happy and relieves stress. Different types of exercise have different benefits - find one that suits your goals.
  • Drink plenty of water - at least 2l per day. Reduce alcohol, juices and softdrinks.
  • If you feel like it doesn't matter how well you eat and you are still always feeling fatigued or generally bad. You struggle to lose weight and your digestion could be better we suggest to find a nutrition consultant or dietician to do some allergy tests and/or tests of your endocrine glands.