At Mint lunches we deliver better nutrition for more energy, health and performance. Mentally and physically.


We understand that whilst living a busy lifestyle, it's not easy to look after yourself - we can do that for you! 


Enjoy our freshly made lunches that provide you with sustainable energy and essential nutrients from unrefined foods, lot's of fresh vegetables and protein from ethical sources.  


All our lunches are free from refined carbohydrates and gluten. You will feel great. You can also trust us that we will only use free range meat and eggs and as many organic ingredients as possible. 


Our menu changes all the time so keep checking in! 


I care about health and I love yummy food. As a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and cook I feel excited about finding the best ingredients to go into your lunches and creating creative flavour combinations. Let's all have better days.“


Katrin Dau