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About us

Mint Lunches are aiming to provide better Lunch options with your health, wellbeing and energy in mind. We love yummy, wholesome food that is satisfying and nutritious. Making delicious, balanced food with ingredients that are ethical, sustainable and fresh is our mission. We are catering for a wide range of people though so you'll find unrefined, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian options as well as some classic lunch favourites. We just want you to have a great day with sustained energy from a nutrient packed lunch that makes you happy and satisfied!  

The easiest way to get your Mint Lunches is to set up a subscription through the webshop or by emailing us.

But if you prefer to order week by week or day by day simply order through our online shop above a day in advance. 

We also offer Lunch Clubs for workplaces. Please contact us if you want to set up a Club in your office. 

If you own a cafe or coffee cart and you would like to stock some of our fresh baking or raw slices be in touch! We also do that!

Bon appetite! 


Place your order latest the evening before delivery please. We deliver between Okato and Waiwakaiho from Tuesdays to Fridays and you can expect your lunch  between 10am and 12pm depending on where you are.

If you are somewhere considered 'the middle of nowhere' or far up or down country roads, please check with us regarding delivery as some places are just too far away. 


We are a online business and deliver between Okato and Waiwakaiho , Taranaki, New Zealand.



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